Verschiedene Pfeffer und Peperoni Schoten auf La Boqueria Barcelona Food
Culinary Cities is a term, which isn’t easy to capture. Why? Well. First when we split it up to the words "culinary" and "city" and think about those, everyone will connect both of them with things that stand for those two words – but totally individual. You won’t get the same answers on the question
Famille Hugel Grand Cru Lage Schoelhammer Wein
In Alsace the clocks go slower than elsewehere. Well, at least it seems like that if you are visiting these beautiful small towns, which remind me on towns in fairy tales like Harry Potter or so. Famille Hugel is family owned since 1639 Pinot Gris from 1983 Riquewihr is one oft those lovely places. Strolling through it's main